Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Every now and then I need a big city!

Omphalos (Navel)

 Everyone takes a (hundred) selfies at the bean!
The Cloud Gate (aka The Bean)) was designed by
Anish Kapoor, who is friends with my boss.

A dream come true...
I have always wanted to visit the Art Institute of Chicago!

A Sunday on the La Grand Jatte by George Seurat
 This artwork has been on my must see bucket list for long time.

And of course, American Gothic!!

Here are some other artworks which I had to memorize for my Art History 
classes many years ago.  It's a thrill to encounter famous works in person. 



I adored the Joseph Cornell assemblage boxes!
 The Art Institute of Chicago is home to the world's largest and
 most comprehensive public collection of works by Joseph Cornell. 
Thirty-seven of the artist's boxes and collages were on display.

 Of course you could spend weeks inside this museum
 just to see and absorb it all.  

We went to the top of the Willis Tower
 and even stood out on the sky deck. 

108 stories, 1451 feet
I loved Chicago.  The food was great and the people were friendly.
The artwork and architecture was remarkable and for a major
city it was clean.  We also went to the navy pier on Lake Michigan -
how lovely this shore must be in the summer when the sailboats are
on the water.  If you've never had a Chicago pizza, then you have
been missing out!  

From our home in SW Oklahoma it was a 14 hour drive.  The drive was
not scenic but on the way home we stopped in Memphis, TN and had
the best BBQ and then encountered the worst traffic stand-still on the way
to Conway Arkansas.  A semi truck slammed on its side spilling all contents
and backing up traffic for 2 hours, so we missed a concert at the University
of Central Arkansas.  Greg composed a piece of music which was performed 
at the Euphonium Conference there.  We arrived 2 hours late, yet were
able to have dinner with our friends and performers.

Our spring break trip to Chicago was fantastic!


  1. Wow looks like you had a fab time, and had lots of things do. The gallery looked like my kind of thing, but theres no way I would be standing on that glass thing hundreds of feet up. Making my palms sweaty thinking about it!!!

    1. Ha ha, yes, my husband had clammy hands and did not stay there a second longer after the pic was snapped.

  2. I would NEVER stand on the sky deck! Made me woozy just looking at that picture!
    I thought you were going to say, I've always wanted to pull that lions tail! ( at the art museum).
    I know Chicago is an awesome city. I've not been, but C has been there a couple of times. It's his favorite big city! Someday...
    Forget Van gogh! Look at how SHINY your hair is! Haha. I've always liked that same picture, the little room.
    You are beaming in that art museum. I wondered where you guys went for your spring break. :)

  3. Oh, C. must take you there!! I have to agree with him - this could be my favorite Big City too!!
    Got your postcard (smile!!!). This trip was such a whirl I could only send 2 cards out internationally. :)
    Here is the funny thing - truly shows how sophisticated Chicago is - it doesn't have the typical plastic/postcard junk shops like other big cities... I couldn't find postcards except for the Willis Skyscraper gift shop. Anyway, you must go visit, Lynn - warmer months though... when the boats are on Lake Michigan.