Monday, March 16, 2015

Early Spring

Spring Beauty
Dog-tooth Lily
I'm loving the early spring flowers poking out of the prairie now.

Henbit tossed into my stir fry. Henbit is in the mint family and can be 
consumed fresh or cooked as an edible herb.  It can also be used in teas. 
The stem, flowers, and leaves are edible and are very nutritious - 
high in iron, vitamins and fibre. You can add raw henbit to stir fries, 
salads, soups, wraps, or green smoothies.


I'm so thankful for the warm weather, I was able to 
take a two hour walk around the hill and lake... 


  1. please take me with you.
    we just had -11F/-23C….and i went out snowshoe'ing it.
    now i'll gladly take a walk around the lake with you….


    1. I wish I could you around the hill, through the fields and to the lake shore in this warm weather. I was able to wear shorts - need to get all that vitamin D soaking in. :)

  2. I loved to eat henbit flowers as a child. the sweet drop that is inside ;) I so long for warmer weather too now! I would need it so much! Your meal looks awesome!

    1. I wish you sunshine and vitamin D. Soon you too will be enjoying Spring. Here, we could once again get a nasty cold front. But for now, I'm soaking it up. Henbit is such a precious flower. They are out by the millions - my neighbor's yard is covered in a purple carpet!

  3. All your pretty pictures and the feeling of spring. A prelude to what I may get....someday soon.
    Warm weather, get here NOW.
    Enjoy it for me, will you!