Sunday, March 15, 2015


~ Morning ~
I'm rooted and grounded in love,,,
My heart is full,,,

~ Afternoon ~

After doing yoga in the backyard, I laid in the sun for 
about an hour and then the big clouds moved in.
So I just watched the clouds move, shift and change...

I let my thoughts wander while looking at the sky:
We can shift and change like the clouds,,, 
our hearts and brains can change,
our bodies can change.

I believe in neuroplasticity, heart-changes, and bodies that heal.
I believe these areas can grow, improve and expand - this
takes shifts and steadfastness at the same time.

Clouds remind me of sheep in blue pastures. 
My prayers are being answered. 
I have never seen God, just as I have never
seen the wind, yet I feel the influence of both.

~ Evening ~

We were driving home from a shopping trip in OKC, 
and saw this marvelous sunset develop.  It started small -
baby blue & pink, and violet, then it shifted.
It was as if a paintbrush was dipped into the warm
colors and in a wild burst smeared across the blue canvas.


  1. Beautiful pictures and words Sandra. Found your blog through our common interest in insects. I have written on my blog about an amazing experience I once had with a dragonfly. If you put imaginativelicoriceallsorts as one word into Google search you will find my blog. Or you can in Google advanced search , under exact word or phrase put imaginative Licorice All Sorts

    1. Hi! Thank you. Yes, I love insects - years ago, I did nothing but fill journals with insects drawings/paintings. I appreciate their beauty in pattern, color, shapes and uniqueness/variety. :)

  2. wow. so beautiful.
    i'll have to try yoga in my yard, this summer.
    your cairn and heartrocks….so very wonderful….