Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Eternal Spring,,,

Today was divine - tonight was mystical,,,
An Altar,,,
The Greening,,,
This is called Poor Man's Pepper - I like to nibble on the round leaves when I'm out walking.
It's delicious!
Seeing God's divine light in a flower,,,
The Wild Hyacinths (Camassia scilloides) are extra large and stunning this year!
 They love the moisture on the prairie right now!
This is my favorite time of the year,,,  the wildflowers are out in full force -
what a feast for the eyes,,, for all the senses.  Prairie Hill is so beautiful right now -
though I know the dangers of snakes and chiggers in the mixed grass now. 
Yellow Indian Paintbrushes
I want eternal spring,,, yes I do.  I hope your spring is beautiful too.


  1. You have yellow paintbrush. I didn't know you had yaller ones. Pretty!
    I'm in love, IN LOVE I tell you, with that wild Hyacinthus!! Goodness!
    I know you are happy in spring. Me too. Prairie girls wait for this time of year. Bring it on!!
    Such beauty in this post. Thank you.
    My two daffodils were covered in snow this morning. Can you believe it! (It's just not fair...) haha.

  2. wow.
    that white hyacinth. amazing.

    such beautiful photos. truly. God's handiwork….the best….