Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello from Prairie Hill….

I've read that Spring is nature's love letter….
well I'm getting a juicy letter here!

These days I'm able to do yoga in the backyard with 
hummingbirds and turkey vultures flying around
and Zody trying to stand on my stomache.  :)

Were having plenty of rain and sunshine
and the land is verdant and lush and
 God is smiling at me in every flower on the field.
Yay, even the cacti. :)

At every turn there is insane beauty smacking my eyes,,,
 One of my favorite things is visiting the field with 
Indian Paintbrushes.  I don't dare pluck one, 
as these flowers seem holy to me.  Also,
I can usually count on a Scissortail pair sitting
in a nearby tree.  

I love the gifts of spring.  


  1. It's so beautiful where your at x

  2. You look fabulous! And Zody boy too ;) Enjoy these great days!

  3. The beauty from this post is smacking MY eyes.
    You look happy as a lark (or a Scizzortail) and pretty as a Paintbrush.
    Love seeing you in the most "awake" land! Just fantastic, sister.

  4. Thank you sisters. :) Happiest of Springs to you!

  5. look at sweet and sassy YOU..!

    all that colour….and that little lizard..!