Friday, April 24, 2015

One year.

I had a light-hearted trip around Prairie Hill tonight, a nice walk with God.
My dad passed away one year ago.  The flowers were just like this. 
I'm reminded that his spirit is blooming elsewhere.


  1. I know what its like losing your dad. It is not easy and we have to honour there memories in all we do, and see that is good and beautiful x

  2. wow so amazing! I'm sure we all will meet out beloved ones again!

  3. those are one of my favourite flowers.
    we don't have them here in alaska, but i fondly remember them growing on our farm,
    back during childhood days, in southern illinois.

    you know, it really doesn't matter how long [how short a time or how long a time] since
    a favourite person has passed. they are with us forever, and sometimes the pain is just as real
    as if the death was just a few moments ago.
    one thing i love about you, san d, is that you are always bold enough to talk about God
    and your conversations with Him. you keep THAT relationship very real for me, as well….