Thursday, May 28, 2015

Record Rains

It took me nearly an hour and half to get home.  
My FIT almost drowned so I stayed put in an apartment complex 
and watched the road being closed off due to the high waters.
I got a little farther, but had to take shelter again from a torrent
of rain and hail.  Just look at the water flowing in the alley! 
Glad I had some survival food.
Big trashcans floating down the street!  

It has done nothing but rain all month and the ground is so saturated 
that every downpour has no place to seep. We are floating, soggy,
and bewildered.   It's surreal.  Over the years, I've had dreams
of water causing grave destruction.  Cars in creeks, trees uprooted, 
houses turned on their foundations and water levels reaching building 
heights.  These are wild dreams but I'm seeing some of this in my own
state.   The rain will subside, as there will be drought again, but I
think the rains may return more with greater fury.  Water will be a problem. 

And something more beautiful . . .  one morning in my prairie yard . . .
the wild onions strung festive beads among themselves. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On the banks and below...

Prairie Flax
Water cuts through granite. :)
There's a reason it's called Meadow Garlic.
Besides the usual white and pink, I'm seeing these mauve-colored blooms!

I've been hiking the 40' Hole Trail in the Wildlife Refuge
since I was a kid and I have never seen it like this!

I had business down there.  Watching the water pour into the 40' Hole.
These Spiderworts found a perfect spot!
 They smell so wonderful - kind of like pansies.  
Look at all the trees in the water. 
Climbers are on the left bank and about to rapel.

Just after our hike yesterday, another downpour happened.
You are probably seeing Oklahoma in the weather news with lots of flooding!

Our house and land are safe - soggy, but safe on the Prairie Hill.
More rain in the forecast.  Oh, I also saw mangled trees in the
wildlife refuge where the tornado came through last weekend.
Also, saw tiny red bison calves with their mom-cows.
I hope the Prairie Dogs are wise and get out of their holes.
My mind is everywhere…. the good, and the not so good about this rain.
We could just use a little drying out and sunshine again.

I hope you are all well.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Encaustic Epithets

"Singles Ad," Found Photo, Color, Wax Seal and Encaustic on Panel

Encaustic Epithets  

They found me, I found them - friendly faces and magical places from the past waiting for a revival.  My addition to each vintage photograph creates a slight twist in the story or moment.  A jewel, bug or game piece adds play, while a pressed flower, feather or a touch of color adds beauty. 

Each image and object is mounted to a sized wooden panel and preserved under encaustic medium. Encaustic is a combination of beeswax, crystallized tree resin and oil pigment (for color).  The medium is brushed on molten then fused with a heat gun.  The transparent and adhesive qualities of encaustic were ideal for preserving each one of these memorable photos.   These captured images paired with ephemeral bits became playful yet poignant encaustic epithets.

Saving the world, or a world, preserving history or genius, saintliness or innocence, touching something beyond our random existence is a labour of love, a constant ritual, one face of the desire to be authentic, to be human."  - Philipp Blom

Sandra Dunn                                                                    
May 2015
The show runs May 16 - June 28.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some Wildflowers

Rayless Gaillardia
The flowers are the biggest and brightest I've ever seen them.

Indian Blanket
I'm thinking about turning some of my flower images into postcards.

A total of 11 days of rain this month and counting.
I've never seen this state greener.  It's truly a wonder.

Hope your spring is beautiful!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

ART OPENING: Encaustic Epithets

Opening Night at the Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma
Watching the rain and thunder from gallery window...

 This was no ordinary opening.
Tornadoes decided to upstage us!
The weather was moody all day and finally decided
to cause high drama during the opening.  Of course it kept
many people away and safe in their homes/storm shelters!
Rightly so!  

My dear friend, Rebecca, also exhibited and came in from Colorado.
We had the chance to spend Friday together and I showed her the flowing creeks, 
overflowing lakes, and open dams,,,, also the green-green grass and flowers.  
She used to live here and has a piece of her heart in Oklahoma always.  
Becky has drawn and painted many a tornado scenes but this time she exhibited
 beautiful gem-like landscapes.   Here is a small sample of her work.


The third artist, James Gaar, exhibited gorgeous abstract acrylic paintings.
That's not the artist seated on the floor, but someone keeping up with their cell radar, 
as most gallery visitors were doing. lol   I thought we were all going to have to sit
in the gallery coat closet.  Well, there was plenty of wine and food galore! 

"A Ride in the Pines,"  Found Photo, Pinecones and Encaustic on Panel
Friday night at Meers.

I feel generously blessed to have a show with my sweet friend, Becky.
She's a kindred soul sister, aries and artist friend.

Somewhat bittersweet, as I'm sorry to see the destruction
the tornadoes caused in surrounding towns.  
Medicine Park was skimmed, barely though…

Here's what passed over Medicine Park!! (picture by Emily Cope)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring in the Refuge I

We checked on the lakes and refuge land….
It's flowing, thriving and life giving.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wings and things...

I've meaning to share my Turkey feathers.
Some time back my neighbor shot a wild turkey, so I begged a 
feather or two of him,,, and forgot all about it.  Then one day,  I
opened the front door and a whole wingspan was on my porch!

We ask too small ,,,, ;)
I thought about keeping it intact, but there was an attached tendon
 that kind of started to smell, so  I started plucking. 
 Turkey feathers are extremely beautiful.

In appreciation for my neighbor Tommy's feather gift,
I made this artwork for his mom. 

Jumbo bee on an Antelope Horn Milkweed
Mother's Day... lol
Wishing you a beautiful and kind week!