Sunday, May 17, 2015

ART OPENING: Encaustic Epithets

Opening Night at the Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma
Watching the rain and thunder from gallery window...

 This was no ordinary opening.
Tornadoes decided to upstage us!
The weather was moody all day and finally decided
to cause high drama during the opening.  Of course it kept
many people away and safe in their homes/storm shelters!
Rightly so!  

My dear friend, Rebecca, also exhibited and came in from Colorado.
We had the chance to spend Friday together and I showed her the flowing creeks, 
overflowing lakes, and open dams,,,, also the green-green grass and flowers.  
She used to live here and has a piece of her heart in Oklahoma always.  
Becky has drawn and painted many a tornado scenes but this time she exhibited
 beautiful gem-like landscapes.   Here is a small sample of her work.


The third artist, James Gaar, exhibited gorgeous abstract acrylic paintings.
That's not the artist seated on the floor, but someone keeping up with their cell radar, 
as most gallery visitors were doing. lol   I thought we were all going to have to sit
in the gallery coat closet.  Well, there was plenty of wine and food galore! 

"A Ride in the Pines,"  Found Photo, Pinecones and Encaustic on Panel
Friday night at Meers.

I feel generously blessed to have a show with my sweet friend, Becky.
She's a kindred soul sister, aries and artist friend.

Somewhat bittersweet, as I'm sorry to see the destruction
the tornadoes caused in surrounding towns.  
Medicine Park was skimmed, barely though…

Here's what passed over Medicine Park!! (picture by Emily Cope)


  1. LOVE your "ride in the pines"….really. truly. indeed. it's WONDERFUL.

    wow. that last photo! so glad medicine park was not adversely affected by that storm!


    1. Thank you - I picked those wee pine cones in NM.

  2. How great! And you look gorgeous in your light blue/turquoise dress!

    1. Thank you! I do like the color of that dress!

  3. Oh, I worry about you every spring. High waters, rain and nados. That town of yours is precious. It's always getting a scare but survives the thrash of weather. That picture of Medicne Park under the heart of the beast!
    You look beaming and having such a good time reuniting with Rebecca. Love her art, too.
    What a show! What talent in the three of you!
    Turquoise elegance, San. :)