Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hike in the #1 Refuge

Do you see Greg?

Our hike in the wildlife refuge today.  Our Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge 
was recently voted #1.   I'm partial to this place, I feel a certain way
here unlike any other place.  It's where my spirit soars the highest.

Inside the Yucca


  1. It's amazing! I needed some time to find him, but I can see him now ;)

  2. That is your refuge. It's breathtaking!
    I'm happy that place is there for you. It's a part of you. And you're a part of the Wichita.
    Sitting by the river in all those gold rocks, in all that color, my word!!!!

  3. yes….i see him!!!!

    such a beautiful refuge….