Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Madonna of the Ferns (and Flowers)

Madonna of the Ferns, Encaustic Collage on Panel

And some natives growing in my wild yard...


"Animals and nature do not create stories about themselves.
A dog with three legs gets on with life.  A fat horse is not
too bothered.  An ugly cow has no problem waking up 
on a Monday morning.  They live according to
 their true nature, which is absent of thought."   

(from The Buteyko Breathing Method & Mindfulness, Patrick McKeown)

I thought this sentence was funny,
yet highly thought provoking... ;)
One to write in my journal.

A reminder to myself to get over it!
To get on with life. Not over analyze.


  1. I like this!
    Because I'm an over analyzer and a worrier.
    It's futile, so stop it already. Yes, I shall live according to my true nature.
    Thank you, Sissy of another prairie!

  2. I love it too. I have lost that a little with meditation and yoga but now that I am "in" the dating world again things get fuzzy!
    Hope you are well.
    Lovely creation and photos as usual!

  3. funny thing.
    i used to over-analyze.
    now i pay attention to how my body feels when i do that.
    and i feel the PAIN.
    so now i just am. i just allow myself to BE.
    much like that fat horse and that ugly cow.


    [i'd have NO PROBLEM just "be"ing in all that glorious colour and scent….]

  4. oh.
    and a P.S.

    i adore that madonna and her fern.
    she's perfect. and so is her fern.