Friday, May 1, 2015

My Lucky Stars

Do you remember Strawberry Shortcake? 
Muriel who created the Strawberry Shortcake character
lives in Medicine Park.  We use the little library  
in front of the local bakery to leave gifts for each other.
We often run into each other in town,,, but sometimes,
we have to leave special gifts in our secret exchange station. :)
She gave me this wonderful vintage ring this week.


  1. no way.
    you know the original strawberry shortcake??!!
    and you exchange gifts with her!
    THIS is such a SPECIAL gift.
    you are blessed……..


  2. THAT is a special friendship!
    What a neat thing to do. I bet Strawberry now has a collection of bones and feathers! Hee!
    My chum from work hid her library card in a planter along the boardwalk in Venice Beach, Ca. When I took my trip out there two weeks later, I looked for it but to no avail. Cant hide things for long in Cali!