Sunday, May 24, 2015

On the banks and below...

Prairie Flax
Water cuts through granite. :)
There's a reason it's called Meadow Garlic.
Besides the usual white and pink, I'm seeing these mauve-colored blooms!

I've been hiking the 40' Hole Trail in the Wildlife Refuge
since I was a kid and I have never seen it like this!

I had business down there.  Watching the water pour into the 40' Hole.
These Spiderworts found a perfect spot!
 They smell so wonderful - kind of like pansies.  
Look at all the trees in the water. 
Climbers are on the left bank and about to rapel.

Just after our hike yesterday, another downpour happened.
You are probably seeing Oklahoma in the weather news with lots of flooding!

Our house and land are safe - soggy, but safe on the Prairie Hill.
More rain in the forecast.  Oh, I also saw mangled trees in the
wildlife refuge where the tornado came through last weekend.
Also, saw tiny red bison calves with their mom-cows.
I hope the Prairie Dogs are wise and get out of their holes.
My mind is everywhere…. the good, and the not so good about this rain.
We could just use a little drying out and sunshine again.

I hope you are all well.


  1. Beautiful flowers!

    Sending you a bit sunshine in exchange for a bit of rain!

    1. Thank you Lily. We could use some sunshine,,, more rain in the forecast.

  2. It's hard to believe these images are in OK! It's just one big GUSH, sister!
    I know what you's cool, it's wonderful, the magic of so much water in a place that is usually dry and possibly in draught. Like Wyoming. But, we are also getting more ranin than we'd like. Flood stages going on here, too. Five inches of rain on the prairie towns, all at once, is horrifying.
    But, let me saaaaay....your pictures are award winners! I'm serious, they are truly captivating!
    I had a thrill and felt like I was with you watching the river flow down the hole!
    Happy Sunday to you guys!

    1. Sailing away on the prairies…. Happy weekend.

  3. so beautiful, your surroundings and all the photos.
    i love visiting your site.


  4. You live with such beauty around you, and are blessed with eyes to SEE, both the tiny and the expansive. I always enjoy my visits here, which have been waaay too few these past months! Even after receiving a lovely postcard from you, I haven't been able to get myself out into blogland. But, here I am at last to savour your amazing eye.