Thursday, May 28, 2015

Record Rains

It took me nearly an hour and half to get home.  
My FIT almost drowned so I stayed put in an apartment complex 
and watched the road being closed off due to the high waters.
I got a little farther, but had to take shelter again from a torrent
of rain and hail.  Just look at the water flowing in the alley! 
Glad I had some survival food.
Big trashcans floating down the street!  

It has done nothing but rain all month and the ground is so saturated 
that every downpour has no place to seep. We are floating, soggy,
and bewildered.   It's surreal.  Over the years, I've had dreams
of water causing grave destruction.  Cars in creeks, trees uprooted, 
houses turned on their foundations and water levels reaching building 
heights.  These are wild dreams but I'm seeing some of this in my own
state.   The rain will subside, as there will be drought again, but I
think the rains may return more with greater fury.  Water will be a problem. 

And something more beautiful . . .  one morning in my prairie yard . . .
the wild onions strung festive beads among themselves. 


  1. See why I worry about you??!
    Gads, it's frightening. I hope you're okay.
    I've had dreams about water, of tidal waves, mainly. Reoccurring. That's why I'm hesitant to move somewhere on one of the coasts.
    One morning soon, you will wake up and the sun will be shining so bright and dry everything up and you'll say to Greg and Zody, "everything's SO FLIPPIN GREEN!!"
    Hehe. That's what I've been saying around here. ;)

    1. Hey, prairie sister - I think it just may be a beautiful sunny weekend. :)
      In my wildest dreams I'd like to live on a coast line (CA ;) or river....
      Crazy, the water is taking over the prairie now. lol

  2. Oh my, I know how it feels to see your hometown underwater as we had terrible high water in the last years also. It makes you feel small and minor. And I also have flooding and earth quake dreams. The last one was really odd. It was only recently. I dreamed that water came though the windows and I tried to ran outside the other side if the house so that I don't get smashed trough the terrace window. I screamed and woke up. Suddenly Ronald and me heard it starting to rain heavy outside. shortly afterwards sirens started to blare. In the middle of the night! The day after we heard that there were flooding and mudflows very close to our town where people had to be evacuated. Well, this could be all coincidence, but it felt very odd.

    1. You have shared some of your water dreams with me over the years.... and I don't think they are coincidences, Claudia.

  3. gosh.
    if it were not for you posting about oklahoma, i would not know about flooding *there!!
    i pray you remain safe….you, your family, all the animals and nature in your area.


    1. Texas is in a worse situation. Um, earthquake in AK!

  4. Sorry for the scary post. It's a unique spring time around here. Hm, how interesting about us common dreamers!