Monday, May 11, 2015

Runneth Over

We had six days of rain - just on the second day the dam was opened to release the water from
Lake Lawtonka!  It was 100% full and the rain continued!!  These pictures show the water
flowing into Medicine Creek (our swimming hole which is like a river right now!!).
We're going to have some amazing times once the weather warms up.  
We'll be swimming and sailing in this fresh water.  
People are coming from all over to see it -  It's a wonder. :)

The right bank is the east side of Prairie Hill.  

Lake Lawtonka
The Medicine Creek swimming hole
There's more rain in the forecast starting mid-week.  
This is a blessed spring.  Giving growth and life. 
Green, lush, flowered and smacking wet.   


  1. Wow, what a river! I've never seen your area so green!

  2. there's such power in a large body of water, especially the free-flowing sort, like this….