Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wings and things...

I've meaning to share my Turkey feathers.
Some time back my neighbor shot a wild turkey, so I begged a 
feather or two of him,,, and forgot all about it.  Then one day,  I
opened the front door and a whole wingspan was on my porch!

We ask too small ,,,, ;)
I thought about keeping it intact, but there was an attached tendon
 that kind of started to smell, so  I started plucking. 
 Turkey feathers are extremely beautiful.

In appreciation for my neighbor Tommy's feather gift,
I made this artwork for his mom. 

Jumbo bee on an Antelope Horn Milkweed
Mother's Day... lol
Wishing you a beautiful and kind week!


  1. You could fly away with those on! (I wonder how long it would take to get here?) ;)
    They are most beautiful and turkeys have such a variety of feathers. I sure do admire that bird.
    Tommy's mom is a lucky lady. Your encaustic is awesome as always!
    Gosh, you know I have never heard of nor have laid eyes on an Antelope Horn Milkweed!! I wonder if we have them here? Well, it is stunning and that bee is too. :)

  2. gosh. those wings!

    love that last photo….