Tuesday, June 30, 2015

End of June...

This week…
I learned how to make homemade yogurt!
It's seriously the best stuff I've ever eaten
and I'm hooked on making this myself now.

Also baked a Black Forest Cake for Greg's birthday.
I'd like to tweak this cake a little more to make
it taste even more authentic. 

Aside from kitchen stuff, I've been nursing Zody back to health.
It seems several dogs that were boarded at the vet clinic came down
with a canine influenza virus!!  My poor baby has had some rough days
 and nights.  When he's not whole, a part of me suffers too.

We also started sailing.  I hope July brings us fair winds ~ ~ ~

Best of Summer to you!

A wolf spider moved into one of the old bird houses, so I gave her some wildflowers.
Prairie Hill last night after a shower!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

St.Louis and Branson, Missouri ~ Roadtrip

We went to St. Louis to attend the sweetest wedding.
Congratulations to Betsy & Skyler

Gigantic Praying Mantis atop the City Museum
From Hotel Window
For my dad.

Arch corner base

Afterwards we headed to Branson.
Grilled Trout

Beads inside!
I could not resist!
 Branson was not my cup of tea.  St. Louis is not my cup of tea either. 
I could not even bring myself to share the "other" pictures of
Branson, the over-the-top entertainment spots lining the streets.
The lake was beautiful, the trout was delicious and the antique
stores were irresistible though!

I bring my own flowers wherever I go. :)

About St. Louis... We were walking back to the hotel from City Museum about 11pm
(Saturday) when we heard a round of gunfire.  First thought was: Omg, where is this
shooting coming from? Then we naively thought it might have been early fireworks.  
When all the sirens came close to our location on Washington Ave., we knew better.
So we turned the corner to look, and as we curiously (stupidly) moved even closer to all
 the police cars, an officer yelled over at us "Shots have just been fired from a car and
 you might NOT want to stand there!"  I think it was more of a command, than a suggestion.

We were like, sweet potato pie, how crazy!

Take me back home to my small prairie town...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

To the Hackberry Flats, Frederick/OK

Vultures enjoying roadkill
This bench screams:  Chiggers welcome you! 
Hackberry Flats is a 7,120 acre refuge and feeding area for waterfowl and shore birds 
Now me.
There were a zillion tiny frogs (food)
Come home with me! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Prairie Clover

Rereading quotes I've collected over the years
and mesmerized by the purple prairie clovers 
abundant now.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer's First Act

summer just started…

blooms of summer
first splash in lawtonka
ripe mulberries from wild trees 
black swallowtail caterpillar munching on the native parsley!

and cicadas are singing the first act,,,

i love summer and want to savor this season...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Roses and a Mountain

The other day,,, driving around Lawtonka, , ,
had to hit the brakes for these disheveled wild roses. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Healing Crown

"Healing Crown,"  Collage on Paper

 I created this collage over the weekend and submitted it to a
journal with a health/healthcare theme.  

My inspiration and thought process came from my readings on the 
limbic system earlier this year.  I went through a puzzling period   
dealing with all kinds of chemical sensitivities.  I could taste 
people's perfumes in my mouth - I mean, even if the people were in 
another room!  The list of irritants was long... fire, candles, smoke
from cooking, air freshners, incense, perfume, cleaners, car exhaust!
For almost a year I partially avoided certain situations and people
because I didn't want to suffer with a burning tongue & mouth and 
respiratory issues.   I aced the spirometry breathing test twice in
the last 2 years - I'm sure my doctor thought (thinks) I'm crazy.        

I persisted in my web search on my symptoms and came across
 a program called Dynamic Neural Retraining System 
by Annie Hopper out of Canada.
I was at the end of my rope - so I spent the
$300 on the DVDs, workbook, another book and
member access.  Did it help? Absolutely!

I learned so much.  I'm still working through some things.
But I don't have to hold my breath anymore when I enter a public
restroom filled with air fresheners.  I can't light incense, but it's
really not good for you anyway.  I also still work around my encaustic 
supplies with caution because I don't want a lot of exposure to
the hot wax fumes.  The chemical sensitivities are disappearing!

What the heck happened to me?  My limbic system held on to
injury.  I think it goes as far back as the emergency surgery I
had in 2011 and the huge amount of antibiotics I was on -
that's when I started to taste plastic in my mouth.

Then last year, I had to be on another serious antibiotic treatment 
for 6 months!!  I hated it and the trouble started into the 3rd month. 
I hate antibiotics with a passion and I resented having to take the medicine.
  I was fearful, stressed and confused about symptoms.  

I prayed. I was given three gifts - but I had to work with them 
persistently and in faith.  I still have to treasure my gifts.

1. Yoga
2.  Dynamic Neural Retraining System
3. Buteyko Breathing Method

My other healers were faith in God and big doses of nature.    

This is an unusual post for me as I don't openly share
about private struggles.  Perhaps me opening up will
help someone else?  You may be interested in these books:

I'm still working on some digestive issues.  Antibiotics do a
number on healthy gut flora too.  But that will be another post. lol

Wishing you health and happiness!