Tuesday, June 30, 2015

End of June...

This week…
I learned how to make homemade yogurt!
It's seriously the best stuff I've ever eaten
and I'm hooked on making this myself now.

Also baked a Black Forest Cake for Greg's birthday.
I'd like to tweak this cake a little more to make
it taste even more authentic. 

Aside from kitchen stuff, I've been nursing Zody back to health.
It seems several dogs that were boarded at the vet clinic came down
with a canine influenza virus!!  My poor baby has had some rough days
 and nights.  When he's not whole, a part of me suffers too.

We also started sailing.  I hope July brings us fair winds ~ ~ ~

Best of Summer to you!

A wolf spider moved into one of the old bird houses, so I gave her some wildflowers.
Prairie Hill last night after a shower!


  1. Homemade yogurt will be so good for your guts! My favorite cake of all is black forest cake! the one you made looks delicious! I want it actually! :D Happy Birthday to Greg! poor Zody! had some rough months with Sunny also! It was horrible and this time I thought he won't make it. I know exactly how you feel when your Zody is suffering! Hope he will be better soon! PS: I got your postcard! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Claudia, I received your sweet ladybug notebook a couple of days ago. (THANK YOU!) The same day I sent you post. :) I'm happy to report that Zody is much improved! Back to his playful sassy self actually. Wish you a good weekend!

  2. Caring for a Wolf spider now, are ya?? Remember that Tara? The tarantula? Have you seen her lately? Haha
    Ah, I can feel the breezes blowing through your sails... I'd like to sail away someday! (Meet up with you and Greg and Jimmy Buffett!)
    That sky. And that cake! SPP! Happy belated birthday!

    1. :) Come sail away with us ~ ~
      I've not seen as many tarantulas as the first couples years we moved here. :( I sure get excited when one crawls on the house or elsewhere!