Tuesday, June 23, 2015

St.Louis and Branson, Missouri ~ Roadtrip

We went to St. Louis to attend the sweetest wedding.
Congratulations to Betsy & Skyler

Gigantic Praying Mantis atop the City Museum
From Hotel Window
For my dad.

Arch corner base

Afterwards we headed to Branson.
Grilled Trout

Beads inside!
I could not resist!
 Branson was not my cup of tea.  St. Louis is not my cup of tea either. 
I could not even bring myself to share the "other" pictures of
Branson, the over-the-top entertainment spots lining the streets.
The lake was beautiful, the trout was delicious and the antique
stores were irresistible though!

I bring my own flowers wherever I go. :)

About St. Louis... We were walking back to the hotel from City Museum about 11pm
(Saturday) when we heard a round of gunfire.  First thought was: Omg, where is this
shooting coming from? Then we naively thought it might have been early fireworks.  
When all the sirens came close to our location on Washington Ave., we knew better.
So we turned the corner to look, and as we curiously (stupidly) moved even closer to all
 the police cars, an officer yelled over at us "Shots have just been fired from a car and
 you might NOT want to stand there!"  I think it was more of a command, than a suggestion.

We were like, sweet potato pie, how crazy!

Take me back home to my small prairie town...


  1. Oh, flower girl. I'm so glad to hear you made it home in one piece! SPP is right!
    The first thing I thought of when you said Branson was Yo Yo Ma. !! I admit I had been curious about that place at one time.
    That Trout! I want some!
    Glad you had a nice time. But, there's no place like home (on the prairie). ;)

  2. so glad you documented the trip, but, OH MY GOSH, am i glad you are safe..!
    yes, washington avenue is not "what it used to be." my family used to visit st. louis "for fun"….

    and trout..!

    great post….