Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Recently I had some of my photos turned into postcards.  
I've been sending them around  the world already.  :)  
One of my favorites is the Sunset Over the Wichitas which is 
being used by the state of Oklahoma in one of their brochures.

2" paintings in the OK Mini Gallery

(My favorite poem right now!) 

Feeling the Way

The most beautiful is what is still unfinished
a sky filled with stars uncharted by astronomers
a sketch by Leonardo a song broken off from emotion
A pencil a brush suspended in the air

by Julia Hartwig
Beep Beep!

We're gonna be some roadrunners for a while.
See ya on the return....

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Water ~ ~

This summer, the water feels better than ever.
Maybe it's because it was a flood year - I feel like I'm
in the overflow of abundance.  Seriously, I'm swimming
longer and farther and we also have a fun, zippy Zuma
sailboat this year.  She's also making the lake so enjoyable!
Water is healing.

Oh, our third sailboat is affectionately called Dubcek
and our favorite so far.  It's more like a surf board…

It's a good sailing and swimming season.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

In search of...

 Baldwin's Ironweed today...

I had to take my visiting friend out to the Wildlife Refuge today.
She got pictures of every longhorn out there and I was
on a mission to spot as many of these purplish flowers as I could.

Also, can you tell this guy was hiding from me?

The days are hot,,,
Can you see me swimming?
We're getting our fill of swimming and sailing though.

Stay calm ~ stay cool.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Paradigm Shift

It's time I surface and say hello.  I was sick but much better again.
I'm learning to intuitively listen to my body/spirit - in yes or no, 
go slow, don't push, don't stress.  Don't eat now or that....
A few days in, and it's helping my health already. 

I believe tuning in like this will be a paradigm shift for me.

Everything will work again if you unplug it for 
a few minutes, including you.  - Ann Lamott

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Small Table Still-lifes

Pitcher's Clematis from Medicine Creek bank
Dragonfly from Lake Lawtonka shore (Small Table Still-life #2)
Clematis, Rose & Peppermint Arrangement - wish I could 'bottle' the scent!

I got this tiny wooden table in an Austin antique store last year.  
I'm finally 'playing' with it - seeing the catch-all of a few days….

Small Table Still-life #1

~    ~    ~

The tail end of a poem I heard on the radio hit me,,,
something about,,,
Each sin has grace in it.

I'm still meditating on this profound snip.