Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Recently I had some of my photos turned into postcards.  
I've been sending them around  the world already.  :)  
One of my favorites is the Sunset Over the Wichitas which is 
being used by the state of Oklahoma in one of their brochures.

2" paintings in the OK Mini Gallery

(My favorite poem right now!) 

Feeling the Way

The most beautiful is what is still unfinished
a sky filled with stars uncharted by astronomers
a sketch by Leonardo a song broken off from emotion
A pencil a brush suspended in the air

by Julia Hartwig
Beep Beep!

We're gonna be some roadrunners for a while.
See ya on the return....


  1. Love your postcards! I hope you can enjoy your time in the best way you can!

  2. Your postcards are beautiful indeed!!