Sunday, July 26, 2015

Water ~ ~

This summer, the water feels better than ever.
Maybe it's because it was a flood year - I feel like I'm
in the overflow of abundance.  Seriously, I'm swimming
longer and farther and we also have a fun, zippy Zuma
sailboat this year.  She's also making the lake so enjoyable!
Water is healing.

Oh, our third sailboat is affectionately called Dubcek
and our favorite so far.  It's more like a surf board…

It's a good sailing and swimming season.


  1. Looks peaceful and healing to the soul to be surrounded by water x

    1. Yes it is, I'm still swaying from sailing so much yesterday! Happy day to you, Joy!

  2. Did you pick out that colorful sail?
    Have you ever wanted to live on a houseboat? (I thought about it, when I lived in Seattle)
    Looks really fun, sissy! Happy to hear you're swimming! And longer...I love to swim, but I rarely do.
    Summertime! :)

    1. We are colorful, aren't we?! It came with Mrs. Dubcek. :) One of my favorite things about summer is swimming.

  3. your photos and post make me wish i loved water.

    enjoy all that swimming and relaxation....!