Sunday, August 9, 2015

5699.6 Miles

Cotton Candy Cloud in Cody, Wyoming
 Hey there!  We went on a 10 day road trip from Oklahoma 
to Canada and back down the Pacific NW then SW… 

I've got about 400 pictures to sort thru.
I'll be sharing the good, the good, the GOOD,
bad and ugly…. 
It will probably take me the whole month of 
August to break down the posts.

We had a wonderful time!  Saw amazing landscapes,
mountain ranges, seascapes and deserts!   

I'm still on a vacation cloud. 

 This little boy came along and was so good!


  1. gosh.
    both photos.
    they grab me by the heartstrings and shake my soul.


  2. Happy that you are save back and that it was so wonderful that you made so many pictures! I know how it is, i actually force myself not to make too many pictures, but end up doing lots and lots :) It's so nice that Zody was allowed to come with you!