Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apple & Pear

This is Apple and Pear in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge - 
Our humble mountains compared to what I saw on our trip, but as tough as any. 

I've hiked here many times, and explored the bottom which is called Valley of Boulders -
it's a giant granite jumble.  I've been on another mountain ridge behind A & P and 
looked down on them.  But I've always desired to climb up there and touch them.  

Pear's bottom exposed!
 They are astounding!  I never realized how much Apple tilted!  
One day it may topple and leave Pear.
The granite slabs on this ridge are amazing. 
Can you see Greg?  
This is a close up - it's really huge.  I call them saddle handles.
I'm on tip toes touching Apple.  A couple of things:  The drop off is about 6 feet to my right - 
that wasn't as unsettling as the wind!  The wind was whipping around like crazy up there!

Wind and rocks are super energizing to me!
I loved the flowers growing out of this boulder.
There's also an amazing arch on this ridge.  Notice the wind whipping up my hair again.
On the other side of this arch is a drop off!
Back down on the trail...  looking up.
I can't wait to return with watercolors and a picnic lunch on a cooler day. 
  We know how to get up there now. We know how beautiful it all is -
360 granite glory.   Also I haven't touched Pear,,,

Rain Lily on the trail 


  1. YOU look like a fairy sprite growing out of the boulder!
    Touched apple...check. ;)
    I'm a boulder, hoodoo admirer, too. You're such a good little scrambler!
    Having a blast exploring. Good for you. :)