Sunday, August 23, 2015

Death Valley - California

My wild idea led us to Death Valley!!
We had already been driving the length of Nevada for many hours
and then headed back over to California to check out the desert.

It was stupefying and stunning…

Larrea tridentata, Creosote - smells amazing!
It rained in the desert!

 Death Valley is the hottest, driest and lowest point in America.
282 feet below see level.  It was stunning in every aspect.

Image from Wikipedia - Why didn't I think of taking a panorama?!


  1. Isn't it just the most marvelous place??!! You captured it to the max!
    I love it all. I wanna be that long road...feel the warmth and the rain! Woohoo!
    Such a grand trip, sister.
    Wow, the memories to keep...

    1. One of my favorite places - unlike anything I've ever seen, sensed or known. LOVE.