Sunday, August 23, 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Cyber Speedway
Las Vegas Blvd. - Yes rain!
The Mirage
Las Vegas was a bust for us.  It was one of our main points to visit - but the side trip
to Death Valley took up too much time.  So we saw Vegas by night (it was so bright
that I had to wear sunglasses!!)  We could not find a hotel and were so tired we
 crashed in our car in a church parking lot somewhere, only to be awakened by
cops a couple of hours later.  They were nice and professional and were 
concerned for our safety.  Greg told them we had been driving all day
 from Oregon and that we planned to leave at 5:30 a.m.
They said to keep doors locked and be safe.

So no winnings for us. lol.
Goodbye Vegas - one day we may return.

Sunrise and storm on Lake Mead
 Early morning thunder and rain and 5:30 alarm woke us.
We hit the road, weary,,, many miles before and behind us.
Nevada is huge, hot, vast, rugged and romantically beautiful.
I call it the land of chocolate mountains - the brown colors were so rich.
Nevada is actually called the Sagebrush State - a sea of sage
covered so much territory.


  1. How weird! The cop knocking on your car guys, wake, this is sin city.. Lol
    I've driven through Vegas, never stopped tho. Sunglasses at night??!! BAHhahaha that's hysterical, San!
    And I guess I never knew NV was called the sagebrush state. I can see why. Still, I know some parts are incredible.
    Sounds like such a terrific time!

  2. looks to me like you won, anyway....!!
    those spectacular....