Monday, August 24, 2015

Sedona, AZ

First through the Coconino Forest…

 I want to return to Sedona very soon - my pictures can't translate the majesty of this area. 
This place seems sculpted by God.


  1. Did you guys spend the night there?
    It is one of the most impressive place on this planet!
    If I could live anywhere, it would be there...or Flagstaff.
    A lot of crystal wearers in that area! Lol.
    I'm so glad you stopped there.

  2. It was so amazingly crazy beautiful!!! Yes, most impressive places I've seen! I have yet to visit Flagstaff! Yeah, there was a psychic reader shop on every corner. lol. I could do without that. lol. We didn't stay the night,,, we pushed on to Santa Fe! :)

  3. we are considering a trip in october.
    who knows where we will end up. depends on how much driving we wish to do....

    1. [clicked before i was actually finished....]

      YES. this area of arizona appears to be sculpted by God....!!
      so beautiful. i'd love to visit here some day....