Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vancouver, B.C.

 We spent an afternoon in Vancouver.  Had so much fun on Granville Island checking out the
 art scene and I jumped for joy when I came across the Emily Carr University! 

Inside The Free Little Library


  1. I'm jumping for joy because you went to the EC University!! For me, she's right up there with Frida and Georgia. So taken with her art and life stories. I have a thing for totems. :)
    Was it so cool? I need to look that university it a museum too?
    And what about that little free library, huh!? You should start one in MP.
    Fun fun fun, coffee and the boatyard!

  2. That little library is super sweet and the whole place looks like my kind of fun x

  3. that little library. it's the best.

    so glad you are checking out local sites and all the artwork therein....