Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yellowstone (Part II)

Volcanic sculpture
Ft. Yellowstone

Boardwalks allow you to walk among the thermal spots.

River, waterfalls, creeks, lakes,
geysers, hot springs,
 sulfur, sage, wildflowers,
valleys, bison, bees, bear, birds, 
moose, mountains, pine forests, prairies,
 canyons, crags, cliffs and
 cauldrons spewing hot mud.

What a park!


  1. This is some park, and you are so lucky to have seen it x

  2. so very lovely....
    thank you for sharing!!

  3. Looking good, you guys. Seriously, that is a perfect image of you together, relaxed and reveling in Jellystone scenery.
    Looks like the weather really treated you right, too. :)