Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Art Show in two days...

Last night, I hung my artwork on the walls while listening
 to the rehearsal of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown."  

One of the actors set THE TREE! by my stuff,
  so I couldn't resist this shot.

This heart keeps "La Plume a Pois" company.

Girl with Full Moon (another special wood panel)

Sister I
I'm exhibiting 'old' and new works.
I enjoyed letting the natural beauty of
wood grain be seen through clear
encaustic medium (beeswax & tree resin).

The art show is two days away.
The main attraction though is
"You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" :)
and I hear the house is sold out!


  1. Your work is beautiful! Best of luck with the art show!!

  2. Your art looks good on that wall. Your art always looks good.
    Wherever you are...there's a heart.
    Love & luck! You've got it all!

  3. this looks so lovely! Love the wood pieces with the women!