Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Fall and Friendships

Written in my journal a year ago 
(not even sure if they were my thoughts or
 I read them elsewhere and copied down):

"Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice,
here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word,
always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love."

I'm so grateful for all the loving and inspiring people in my life.
I'm grateful for you, my blogging friends - 
you're the kindest and gentlest tribe.   

I'm happy and honored to share work in the Fall issue of Ink & Letters.
My friend, Dennis, and I both got accepted.  I love his haiku and image.

Caribou Crossing (Collage)
Dennis' Haiku and Photo on the right. 
Jameson collecting sunflower seeds. 

My friend, Jameson, came to visit me.  We're looking at the dying stalks
of Handsome Blazing Star in Prairie Field.  I consider Jameson a prairie expert 
and an extremely patient teacher.  :)  

I've been painting up fall colors on copper leaves
and would like to give away two pairs.
If you are interested, just leave any message
and in a week, I'll have Greg draw two names.
I'll mail them anywhere in the world.

I thank God for you.

Happy Fall and Friendship!


  1. Hi there Sandra hope you are well, and happpy fall to you I love this season. I really love your jewellery that you have made, please enter me for the giveaway x

    1. Joy - Could you e-mail your address to me please?

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations! I don't have earlobe piercing, so I wish everyone else GOOD LUCK!

  3. Hey! A prairie man. How cool is that!
    You know, I have that same Francis. Did you get yours in Santa Fe, too?
    Congrats to you...I love that Caribou crossing.
    Your painted leaves are adorable....but, them to someone new in your world. I'm already rich in S. Dunn originals! :)

    1. My little Fall leaves are getting some attention at work...squeals...ooooh, are those LEAVES earrings?? Yup. Them would be leaves. ;)
      You'd sell out if you lived here, Sissy.
      Man, you're artistic as heck. You know I say that all the time....

  4. Your painted leaves are gorgeous! Congrats on your acceptance in Ink & Lettes!

    1. Please e-mail your address to me and I will send some leaves your direction. :)

  5. bless you, friend.
    i think of you often....


  6. I'd like to give all of you earrings! Please e-mail your addresses. Some I already have, but not for
    Sage & Spirit or Joy.