Saturday, October 3, 2015

October is looking beautiful

…. around Prairie Hill...


  1. Nature is so beautiful, Prairie hill is a blessing to see through your eyes x

  2. O sweet potato pie, it's glorious out there!!
    Made my morning, seeing you on a rock, waiting for the sun to sink.
    It's so pretty right now. Fading...pretty muted colors, crumbling brown flower petals.
    But ya know, I just hate barbed wire fences. Still, I can't help but say those that are included in your pics add to the beauty...the contrast.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. It is the most wonderful of seasons! I absolutely love those sunset photos, the colors linger so beautifully. And the mantis...I have a backyard mantis but I was always afraid to hold him. Do they bite?

  4. lovely photos.
    i feel the beauty. deep down in my soul....