Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Solstice

Bird Bones
From the skies to the smallest trickling water stream, 
it's been beautiful on the prairie.  

I'm taking long walks and so thankful and happy!

My eye is improving ever so slightly.
I'm glad to see all this beauty around me
and to feel the sun and wind on my skin.
Dry grasses rattle with the breeze and the
 bluejay calls in the rustle of the post oak leaves.

Nature is a healing force.

Can you see Greg searching for our Christmas tree on Prairie Hill?

It's also our home's anniversary…
The house is blessed, filled and surrounded by all the things 
I love, inside and out.

Home is comfort.

Prairillion, Vintage Photo, Grasses and Encaustic on Panel
What if Jesus had been born on the prairie?
What if?

Happy, Joyful, Peaceful Christmas 
to all of you! 


  1. Nature IS a healing force, and I am so glad you are feeling the power of Nature and healing yourself.
    And those sweet.
    Happy Solstice to you, Sandra.

  2. beautiful post.

    you know....jesus WAS born on the prairie....and in the mountains....and on the sea....

    much love and peace to you this time of year.
    happy solstice.