Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In the eye of the storm...

Remembering God's miracles in my life.
Enjoyed the Wailing Wall Menorah last week!

 I have been in the "eye of the storm" this month.

I made an appointment with an eye doctor when we returned from the NM trip
 because the vision in my right eye went blurry and it became sensitive to light.

After two exams with an optomotrist, he referred me to an
opthalmologist.  They are treating me for uveitis - an inner eye
inflammation.  If the cause isn't from injury or surgery, then
often an autoimmune disorder is suspect.  

After two years of trying to calm my intestinal and breathing issues,
and multiple chemical sensitivities,
I feel like I'm finally gaining victory in these areas.
I got this way from two epic treatments of antibiotics.
I even had antibiotics directly applied into my stomach cavity
during an emergency surgery in 2011.

Two years of chronic pain, fruitless doctor appointments,
tests, and trying all kinds of remedies...
A major breakthrough has been happening.  Healing is manifesting.
I have to be careful that I eat well and stay away from foods that
don't nourish me - grains, dairy, sweets, etc.
I've added two teas, Nettle & Rosehip
and they're working wonders for me.    

So, the eye inflammation came out of nowhere
and seems like an evil last claw!!
Autoimmune - my own white blood cells attacking
 my own eye like a foreign invader! 
Very evil.

I'm going to overcome this also.
Yesterday, when I left my 4th eye appt.
I told the opthalmologist -
"I walk by faith and not by sight."

God will also get me through this.
I don't know how or when, but it's already done.

I prayed that I wouldn't have to take a steroid by mouth -
I feel that would undermine my gut health that
I've struggled to restore these past two years!

My prayer was answered - the doctor wants me to
continue the steroid drops in the eye for a couple of
more weeks.  He dropped the idea of me ingesting
a steroid drug.

I'm still in the eye of the storm,
but I see the shore!

A painful week.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I hope you feel better soon. Im glad you are listening to what your body needs because doctors do not know everything, and only you know yourself better than anyone. X

    1. Your welcome, lastly have you received mail from me in the post?

    2. Joy - not yet. Maybe the weekend mail will bring it. :) Thank you for thinking of me.

  2. i shall hold you in my heart, hold you up in prayer....


  3. Come on eye drops!
    Nettle tea is AHmazing stuff....I drink it too. The miracle plant.
    What a scary deal, sissy. You will get through this. You will. And you'll feel good again.
    In the meantime, week 51...you should wear that dress more often!! :)

    1. Nettle is miraculous!! I remember growing up in Germany and we'd brush up against it and it would sting so bad! Now it's so kind. ha ha
      It seems to be going so slow - but the eye IS definitely improving in tiny increments. Thank you.

  4. Sending you healing thoughts, Sandra.