Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anniversary Weekend: Oktoberfest and Museum in Tulsa

 Inside and out…. flowers!

  The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa is one of my favorite museums!
I would travel really far to see it, but fortunately  it's only 3 hours northeast from here.
  The museum is an Italian Renaissance villa and garden!  Here's the history
Philbrook has an amazing permanent collection and spectacular exhibits.
 We were amused by the bright and bold Warhols this time.  It suited me 
perfectly as I've been craving color under a few grey days around here. 
Oh, we also enjoyed a special three generation Wyeth exhibit.

Behold! We put on Dirndl and Lederhosen again and celebrated one last
Oktoberfest in Tulsa.  I couldn't believe it!  The guy who won the
Bratwurst eating contest consumed 66 Bratwursts!!   


We celebrated our 5th anniversary!
October (and it's not over yet), was a grand month for us!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oktoberfestin' in Austin

We headed to Austin for our Fall Break.
It's what we did last year.
This time we checked out the annual Oktoberfest. 

We enjoyed gelatos, Americanos and listening to poets reciting under a crescent moon…

The next day we checked out Barton Springs and the Zilker Botanical Gardens. 

Some food and shopping…

Austin keepin' it weird.

I spent time looking through old photographs in the antique stores 
and only bought these two.  Just unique enough with those double 
exposure images.  I will probably just glue them into my journal 
to remind me of this fun and wonderful trip.  The weather, by the 
way, was anything but fall-like.  It was 85 and sunny!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Fall and Friendships

Written in my journal a year ago 
(not even sure if they were my thoughts or
 I read them elsewhere and copied down):

"Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice,
here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word,
always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love."

I'm so grateful for all the loving and inspiring people in my life.
I'm grateful for you, my blogging friends - 
you're the kindest and gentlest tribe.   

I'm happy and honored to share work in the Fall issue of Ink & Letters.
My friend, Dennis, and I both got accepted.  I love his haiku and image.

Caribou Crossing (Collage)
Dennis' Haiku and Photo on the right. 
Jameson collecting sunflower seeds. 

My friend, Jameson, came to visit me.  We're looking at the dying stalks
of Handsome Blazing Star in Prairie Field.  I consider Jameson a prairie expert 
and an extremely patient teacher.  :)  

I've been painting up fall colors on copper leaves
and would like to give away two pairs.
If you are interested, just leave any message
and in a week, I'll have Greg draw two names.
I'll mail them anywhere in the world.

I thank God for you.

Happy Fall and Friendship!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Apple & Pear hike again...

We hiked and bouldered to Apple & Pear again.  
It's my new favorite exploring grounds in the Wildlife Refuge.
An advanced trek and frankly it took it's toll on me
 with 100 degrees temp!  Oklahoma Octobers can still
be very hot.   

Guy jumping between the monoliths.
Just as we were leaving, two young guys arrived
and actually climbed between Apple and Pear!

I asked this guy where the drop-off was on the other side,
and he said 10 feet away.  They scrambled on down on the 
other side and disappeared.  Young, strong and fearless.

I'm just thankful that Greg & I can boulder up 
to enjoy the view. :)