Sunday, January 17, 2016

Faith Seed

I've been in a trial for the past two months.  My struggle has been with uveitis,
which can cause blindness.  In horses, it's called Moon Blindness. 
The very good news is that my fifth opthalmologist exam on Friday showed
the inflammation gone - however I still don't have my 20/20 vision back.
I'm hyper-vigilant with my eyes lately.  Taking care to rest, and wearing
sunglasses, blue-light filtering glasses on the computer, amber glasses at night. lol.
No make-up, even careful with creams.  Trying hard to eat non-inflammatory foods. 
 It's been very unnerving as an artist - heck, just driving was scary at times.
It only affected my right eye - which for several years now is the one I get headaches behind.

Boy, do I know eye anatomy now and quite a bit about uveitis. 
Also, I've been hiding deep inside my Heavenly Father's love - relying on his tender care.
My Shepherd has never failed to lead me out of dark valleys.
I literally was not able to look into the light…. often my head was cast down.
  Some days I felt strong in faith and other days I wallowed in self-pity, 
but I feel like Jesus took my mustard seed faith and multiplied it.

Spiritual growth came from this.
This tiny seed I had,,,
I even told the doctor the last time, that I walk by faith and not by sight.
It was after bad news for the fourth time and seeing the letter chart
as a big blur.   I'm still healing and transforming.

Faith knows that a tiny mustard seed can grow into a field
far as the eye can see!!


  1. bless your heart....and your eyes....dear sandra.
    i have been going through some eye issues, myself, and now i know so much about anatomy and physiology of the eyes.
    a good physician is hard to beat....i have one....and it sounds as though you have one, as well.

    take good care....follow doctor's orders....and YES, rest under the wings, those bountiful feathers....

    LOVE to you.

  2. Im sorry you are having health problems, but it seems you are doing everything capable in your power to resolve issues. One step at a time im very pleased the inflammation as gone away your vision im sure is healing now every day in its own time, and own way you'll see xxx

  3. Sandra! I am so glad to hear the inflammation is gone. It is horrible to live with the fear (I know...I have an epi-retinal membrane...left eye) and somehow these things ARE a test, but they are also something we strive to overcome or figure out how to live with.
    You WILL beat this.
    Sending healing thoughts and all my love.

  4. sending warm wishes your way Sandra.

  5. Thank you for all the kind prayers and thoughts….

  6. sending love and healing thoughts your way!!