Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29

Goodbye February,,,, it was the warmest and sunniest I've ever experienced
 in Oklahoma.  This is usually one of our coldest months - but my bones got 
an early winter thaw, and my soul soaked all month long.  It was such a
 merciful gift in the midst of difficult situations this month….

Grateful to Him.

Edible Henbit - another February gift.


  1. I could stare out that big window for hours! I imagine all sorts of critters roaming around out there, doing their thing.
    I'd love a huge window and a view like that.
    Instead, I see houses, and a street, and too many peeps making all kinds of racket.
    My backyard is better. Birds and squirrels and me all fenced in. ;)
    Oh, and Frankie... Lol

  2. That is one beautiful view.
    Yes, I'm also ready to say goodbye February, and I am hoping March is good to you.

  3. Freezing here again. But spring will come for sure. Patience was never my strongest point. I love the winter forest even without snow, but I'm not very good in handling cold weather. Those flowers! Amazing for the time of the year!

  4. warm, yes....TOO warm for me....looks like spring is right around the corner, unless march wishes to act in her usual manner and dump piles of snow upon us....