Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 26 - A cake and a hike

Carrot cake/whipped cream/sprinkled with Stork's Bill

I baked a carrot cake with the works for my birthday.
Almond flour, lots of grated carrots, pecans and raisins.
The wildflowers are a little slow in coming this spring but there's
plenty of Stork's Bill growing in my yard right now.  I thought
the tiny Stork's Bill would make for lovely decoration.
It's totally edible too.   

Can you see Greg?
Can you see me in the cleft of the rock? 

March 26 always has a 50/50 chance toward warm or cold!
A two-sided coin,,, heads won.  "I" got a perfect 80 degree,
sunny, wind-behaved day!  So we headed to our neighboring
wildlife refuge for a hike!   

Greg wanted me to recreate that picture (above) with him,
but for some reason the cool flare wouldn't reappear.  lol
I told him that I couldn't help it that God loved me more. ;)

My 48th mile marker was absolutely special.

Cherish youth, but trust old age.
-Pueblo Saying


  1. Happy 48th Birthday Sandra ~ your cake and hike & heart shaped find ~ made for a beautiful day. May all your wishes come true xo

  2. Gosh I love carrot cake its my favourite. What a cool beam of light in your picture, a once in a lifetime moment maybe!!!

    1. I too, think carrot cake is great. This was supposed to be a two layer, but I gave the second layer away…. lol No one needs that much b-day cake. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful rock climber, cleft sitter!!
    Aw maaaan....I can't believe I missed it again! I just now added your Bday under your name in my contacts notes. I feel better.
    Hope you had a blast and that you still are...
    Love Ya!
    Eat more cake!

  4. Unbelievable that you are already 48 years! All the best for you! You are blessed!

    1. Ha ha! My eyes have finally told me this year - We're 48!! lol
      Thank you, Claudia.

  5. Happy Birthday! Honestly, it looks like it was a perfect day, right down to the amazing sun flare! And the carrot cake....decorated with Stork's Bill....divine!
    All my love to you.

  6. Happy belated Birthday!!!! What a beautiful adventure and delicious cake! Cheers to a new year may it be filled with adventures - awareness - growth - love and FUN!!!