Thursday, March 31, 2016

summing up M A R C H

March was a beautiful month.  It brought more daylight (and more walks).

and the rest...

Favorite movie: In the Heart of the Sea
An opera: Eugene Onegin
A concert: Lyle Lovett & Robert Earl Keane
A trip: Texas Hill Country & Austin 
A birthday: #48

 Favorite foods:  Rhubarb cake and papayas!!

I read two books on eyes (anatomy/health).  
I had two more trips to the opthalmologist this month.

The good: The uveitis was still clear.
The bad: Both of my eyes got very dry.
The good: My right eye's vision finally returned.
The frustration:  It's a day by day thing with dryness and vision acuity.
I ditched eye drops, even homeopathic ones (with mercury included as an ingredient!).
The 'preservative free' tears - they made me gag.
It's like eye drops are not an option for me.
I learned about  palming, eye breaks and applying coconut oil
all over my lids/lashes before going to sleep each night.
 These natural means are helping.  I'm still taking Lutein,
Eyebright herb, and increased omega-3 oil on top of the
fish and brightly colored vegetables that I already eat.
I'm spending time in the sun - and my body is making Vit D.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but the point is -
I'm still in the Eye season.... I'm ok, I'm much better.
A lesson:  I have to choose what to look at and for how long
and everything is not worth my glance. My sight is precious.
Eyes are miraculous.

Blue Star (not an edible)

I was able to wild forage for spring plants like Henbit, Cleavers, Shepherd's Purse,
Dandelion leaves and Chickweed.  Oh, and Stork's Bill!

Finding lots of Cleavers (Velcro Weed)  for tea and juicing & sautéing.

Zody this month:

The vet removed the hideous growth on Zody's little head.
I've watched it grow bigger and bigger over the past 2 years.
It should have been frozen off some time ago; so at this point
he was practically scalped.  And what about those staples! 

Here's how he looks a week after stitches were removed.
Just as coconut is helping my eyes, I'm applying it to his
skin and it's helping the healing process.  His fur will
be back in no time and I will be able to pet and kiss the
top of his little noggen without having to be careful.

I've been working on jewelry (enamel painting or beading).
I'm joining the Medicine Park Art Walk again this year
and getting a head start on items....

To lose patience is to lose the battle. - Ghandi

Guard me as the apple of Your eye. - Psalm 17:8

The mountains call, but sometimes the birds are louder. - SD  

I'm so glad Spring is finally here!!   


  1. all three quotes :: so apropos.

    this is a beautiful post. i loved every moment of reading every word....


  2. wow, that pink shining tree in the first picture! We has some warmer days now, but soon it will change again. Soaking up all of the warm sun I can! Look how Zody is looking, as if he knows you will show this picture ;) all the best for you and your beloved ones!

  3. Poor little Zody! Hope he's healing quickly! And the coconut oil....I am intrigued. Your knowledge of herbs and healing is wonderful!