Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Dude (Ruusbroec)

The Dude (Ruusbroec),  Collage Pendant

I recently played with a soldering kit that I bought many years ago... 
 I could tell that it takes lots of practice (and patience) to achieve smooth edges - 
so instead, I went wild and gave this Saint a wicked frame. 

 I slid a vintage stamp and a pressed Blue Star bloom 
between  two glass slides.  
This 'dude' had always intrigued me and a search of his name revealed
 that he was a mystic, priest, and later, a venerated saint.

How about that landscape behind him?!

"Ruysbroeck wrote as the spirit moved him. He loved to wander and meditate
 in the solitude of the forest adjoining the cloister; he was accustomed to carry a
  tablet with him, and on this to jot down his thoughts as he felt inspired so to do."


  1. I love this! I had never heard of the "Dude" but it sounds like he was one amazing person. And I love that he was Dutch. Many of my ancestors were Dutch and Flemish.
    Beautiful frame for the Dude!

    1. Ah, neat that you share heritage. :) xx!

  2. that wild and wicked frame is great! :) love the story and seeing where nature meets metal! Keep creating!!