Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fearless (The Female House Finch)

I figured out that Fearless is a female house finch by the markings on her chest.  
The male has the pretty rose-colored head and chest.

She really likes strawberries and bananas.  I've sprinkled in dandelion seeds, flowers and leaves.
Sweet peppers, apple and cilantro too.  She's not interested in the seed mix and still likes 
moistened (dry) cat food. 

Saturday morning was emotional as we had Fearless's release planned.
I cried tears and my heart flew off when she took off toward the post oak trees.

Well, she decided to stick around all day and I made sure she had many platters
of her favorite foods.  She was actually very snuggly and spent a lot of time on Greg's
shoulder and even in my lap!   In the evening we brought her back inside.  
For the past few days I've placed her on top of a ceiling lamp chain with 
post oak branches and leaves for comfortable bedding.  lol.
 She wouldn't move until the next morning when she heard me move about.  

Today she has enjoyed flying to and sitting in our backyard post oak forest,
returning several times for food on the back patio.   I can call her and she comes.
I can hear and distinguish her beep from all the spring bird chatter. 
 I don't know how long all this will last, but I'm enjoying this season.


  1. What a valuable experience. This is having quite an effect on me, I gotta say.
    I believe all this is happening for a reason. Whether for her, because, let's face it, she would have died if you hadn't stumbled upon her. Or whether the experience is for you, simply enjoying nurturing this babe back to being a healthy free bird. Likely, it's because it's one of the neatest stories ever told!
    She looks perfect sitting on your wood carved Frankie. A real Saint singer!
    She likes strawberries...and you know her beep...
    Honestly, I hope this season lasts forever for you.

    1. This is such an awesome experience. :)

  2. As someone who has been a lifelong lover of birds...this made me smile so much. You have a huge heart! I am glad that there are people like you in the world. I am now following your blog so I can take part in your future stories and adventures :)

    1. Thank you so much. I could have walked away and said 'let nature do her work,' but I AM NATURE. And by golly I raised that finch. lol

  3. Oh my gosh this brought me to tears. Such a beautiful relationship. Such a beautiful bird. Maybe the two of you were meant to be together?

    1. We were meant to be! :) Just as you gave Lucky a second chance!! xo

  4. This is the most amazing post.....sad and happy and beautiful all at once. xo

  5. i got to the end of the post *hoping fearless would return....and she did..!!
    i hope you can still call her, for quite a while, and have her come back to visit....


  6. What a happy little fellow! A few days ago I found one too, but he was already very cold and I could not rescue him, he died in my hands like so many others :( But sometimes God decides something different and we can be grateful to make all those experiences. I hope fearless will have a happy bird life :) What I wanted to ask: how did Zody react? Because you know I also raised birds in the past and Sunny could not smell them at all, when he came close he got the urge to vomit, but he was always very tender and understanding when I used up all my time for them :)