Monday, May 2, 2016

Fledgling (Fearless)

For some reason, I decided not to use a sidewalk (at work)
but to cut a path through a lawn, and that's where  
I found this helpless baby 'crying'.
 In fact, a groundskeeper was nearby on a riding lawnmower. . .

I spent some time searching for its nest, but only
located a nest with a bird sitting on one egg.
Instinct told me that wasn't his/her place
and my heart told me to do something crazy.....

  to raise the bird!

Always hungry!

I got very good at making nests.
Learning how to perch.   I named him Fearless.
 Getting used to the outdoors - temps, wind, sounds, sights,,,
Yes vultures are up there.

Stormy weather outside.
Practicing flying....
Good morning, Fearless.

 I've chopped up countless mealworms, 
warmed catfood, prepped & sprinkled egg shell calcium on food.
Even took it to work with me for one week!

Graduated the nestling to fledgling.
Transitioned from heat lamp to covered birdcage at night.

I've learned so much about birds!
It's a great commitment to raise one.

I think its a Song Sparrow, but not sure if male or female.

I think my biggest mistake is that Fearless
has imprinted on me now - thinking I'm its parent.
 We just like each other so much.

I'm currently waiting on her to eat on her own,
hoping she'll switch to seeds soon.
The plan is to show her the food source outside 
and release her...

We'll know when it's time.


  1. I'm bawling right now...with complete and utter joy!!!!!!!!!!
    Look what you did! Look what you've done!
    The bird looks healthy. Shining eyes. Aware of what's happening.
    And he loves you. Mama. That is the sweetest and kindest and bravest story, taking him/her under your wing like that.
    You know what they say...a bird on the head...
    Thank you SO much for what you're doing.

  2. That is the sweetest little bird I've ever seen!! Bless your heart for raising her and for having the courage to release her.

  3. bless you for this.

    i have raised wee baby animals in my past....have taken them to work with me in my pockets....
    and so what if there is imprinting occurring? may have a friend for life.