Saturday, July 30, 2016

Middle of the Year


If my life history were examined like a sliced tree trunk's, 
then this year would defy description. God is doing great things - 
He makes me laugh and cry… makes me stand my holy ground.

T h e r e   a r e    C H A N G E S    o n   t h e   h o r i z o n.

I have to remind myself.
C h a n g e   c o m e s   b e a r i n g   g i f t s.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Wedding in the Garden of the Gods

We were moving somewhere between the land and sky of enchantment...

We celebrated with family in Colorado this past weekend.
Amy & George (Greg's brother) had the most wonderful 
ceremony in the Garden of the Gods.  

We checked out Capulin Volcano in New Mexico on our way back home... 
The view from the bottom of the crater.
The volcano straddles two habitats: the grasslands of the plains
and the forest of the mountains.

Magical things in the crater.
Texas passing….

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Zo D

 My wonderful photo shoot with Zody this morning. 
He was ready to snap off my mustached finger! 
I may have to turn one of these into a postcard 
and send around the world. ha ha!

Under this calm exterior is a loco chichi!
"I'm about to lose it with her!"
I loved the shiftiness of this pic,,, that stink eye.

This is my little boy,,, he's about 9.   Everyone knows he's my attachment.  
Thanks to Lily who gave me the idea and love to Claudia who understands
everything about being a chihuahua mom. :)