Friday, August 19, 2016

Galveston Memories and the Mysterious Ocean


One morning I walked down to the beach very early with my cup of tea.  Another older gentleman was there with his dog. They were playing around the ocean's fringes.  Two other gentleman were also there scavenging in beach trash bins.  I was enjoying the spectacular sunrise while I waited on Greg to join me.  When he arrived, I walked to the east end of the bay where the sun was embracing a new day.  I was praying, praising and singing to the Lord.  I prophesied LIFE and God's glory to Galveston.  As I turned around to head back toward Greg, I could see a small crowd and an ambulance on the horizon where I left my cup, towel and husband.   I thought maybe a 'drunk' had passed out, etc. Then my eyes started to scan the distance for Greg, who I couldn't see.  So fear kicked in and I started running back with bionic legs with thoughts racing faster than my feet!  The closer I got I still couldn't see Greg, but I could see the medics working on a gentleman laying flat on the shore.  I finally saw Greg between two other guys.  Relief.

A fisherman with gear tied around his waist was overcome by waves of asthma and ocean waves!
The man (Tom) with the dog ran in first to save him, followed by Greg.  They pulled him to safety.
I get tears thinking about this man's terror.  I'm so glad that God is good like a Plan B.  Good.

I packed a lot blue paint tubes and my small watercolor set which already has sand it from various 
other beach trips.  It's good to paint outdoors and fight the elements.  Surprises even happen like
the painting above.  I painted it horizontally,  but when I turned it the other way, a figure appeared…
This was painted on the beach where the fisherman almost drowned.  He was Asian.
The figure may have been his angel?  I swear she's holding a scroll,,, what does it say?

We enjoyed exploring the island.  Ate great seafood.  Checked out galleries and antique stores. 
But mostly we played in the ocean as much as possible.

I love C.S. Forester.
I love Julie Speed (The Lost Sailor - Gouache)

Listen to what you know instead of what you fear."
-Richard Bach (from Jonathan Linvinston Seagull)


  1. I got chills runnin'....
    Very thoughtful post. Plan B is the way!
    The getaway to Galvaston seems to have been a calling of some sort for you. In more ways than one.
    The painting! The scroll...
    I'm keeping that last quote with me today...I remember that little book so well.
    Love ya.

  2. i truly admire you for your being so outspoken and honest about your love for and praise of *the almighty.
    you are one very special woman....

    lovin' your artwork....
    and love you.


  3. Seems to me that you and your husband were meant to be on that beach at that time.
    More that just coincidence....