Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Houston Museum of Fine Arts

 I said hello to the Corn Poppy!

Kees van Dongen…. I want to learn more about this artist.
His women are timeless.  Maybe there's something in them that's resonating
with me right now?  It's like they're saying, "Sister, you can do it!"

"The Yellow Scale," Frantisek Kupka, 1907 (self-portrait)
This guy was full of indulgent confidence.
I could isolate fields of sunflowers in this painting, maybe even vanGogh's flowers.
I'm an abstractionist at heart. ha!

Portrait of a Woman by Kees van Dangen, 1906
Does anyone else like this artist VanDangen?!    
The portrait above of Fernande Olivier was actually one of Picasso's lovers.  
Pablo always painted her with tenderness.  But Kees brought to life 
a sassy, red-lipped, hand on hip in your face, confident woman. 
 (I wish museums would let me write the description cards! lol)
"Saint Catherine," Giovanni di Paolo, 1435
A delicate creature in illuminated gold.  She was stunning. 
 I came back to her again and again.

"The Woman and the Roses," Marc Chagall, 1929
I adore Chagall. It's always a rare treat to find his work in a museum.
His art is supernatural.  No one can paint dreams like Chagall.
By the way, that's his wife, Bella, floating above the roses and clouds.

Egyptian Mummy Eye Covers

I get ultra excited when I come across ancient encaustic portraits!
Since encaustic is one of my working mediums,  I enjoy seeing and 
learning all I can about these two thousand year old mummy portraits.
I'm fascinated with the details - the hairstyles, jewelry
and fashion!  These adornments were symbols of prosperity.

"Circle of Hieronymus Bosch" (Saint Christopher Carrying the Christ Child through a Sinful World), 1520

Bosch!  I stuck my inspecting nose real close to his creatures.  
He must have used mouse whiskers for a paint brush to render these tiny imps.  
What went through his weird mind?   I plan to study up on him very soon.  :)

  Matisse's ladies get around in the south.  I recently saw an amazing exhibit, 
Matisse in OKC!  So it was really nice meeting another one of his ladies in Houston. 
 I could live in Matisse's cheerful art, with all those colors, patterns and textures.  
I'd nibble on fruit, read a book, and smell some flowers.  Oh, yes. 

"Document the moments you feel most in love
with yourself - what you're wearing, who you're around,
what you're doing.  Recreate and repeat. " -Warsam Shire

Viewing Art.


  1. Two thousand year old mummy portraits! That is amazing! I love the mummy eye covers too.
    Trips to the museum are so wonderful and inspiring.

  2. st. catherine is so beautiful.
    i would have to stand there for a long time and soak in the holyness of that art....

    great last photo. [~smiling....]