Friday, September 16, 2016

Drinking from the Cup of Chutzpah!

I've been drinking from the cup of Chutzpah all year.
It may have started when my path crossed Fearless (my wild bird).
A huge shift in my very core happened - I mean roots being dug up.

Two major events took place this summer which took tremendous bravery
and energy to go through…

I started the process of amalgam removal from my teeth.  I had countless appointments in
OKC.  I've yet more dental work to get done, but 10 crowns is enough for this year.
  Not all crowns were replacing amalgam.  TMJ flared up on the left side, but it's much better.
Changing teeth is major.  Changes your bite, your smile.  

I resigned from my job of 11 years.  I anchored away.
I was forced to take on accounting from another department
(in addition to my regular job) with no compensation. I was treated
unfairly - even relocated into a back office without a window,
only fluorescent buzzing lights.  My soul withered, it wasn't good for my 
eyes, my health, my mental state.  I was miserable for 3 months. 
There was no other option, but to exit this new reality.  
 It's so simple, I hate accounting, but enjoy art.  

I'm an artist.

This year I read Big Magic: Living the Creative Life twice!  
It spoke to me.  It mostly confirmed what I knew.

I took wings and am now

a prairie walker
sky gazer
praiser of God

I'm an artist.
an art teacher

I'm even a substitute teacher for the public school system.

My life shifted this year.
My steps are going in brand new paths.
God is my companion.
My steps are sure.
I'm not looking back either.

"Little House of Joy"  Gouache
Do you see the tooth with roots, maybe other teeth also?
I painted this one morning and noticed the subconscious
symbol afterwards.  It's like an x-ray of my soul right now.

Lodstone, Carnelian & Fluorite

Mrs. Toadsworth

Summer is still going strong here.
It's been one of my best summers too.


  1. I had to look amalgam up...
    I had no idea I had all that mercury in my mouth! Come to find out, most dentists don't even know what those fillings were made of either. Interesting. Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things to do. You've spent a lot of time in the dentist chair!
    I'm really happy you quit your job. You are an artist! You are everything you've always been!
    The first picture...all suck...hahaha!
    How you described the fluorescent buzzing lights along with your withering soul? That's how I feel at work.
    In a somewhat different kind of way, but, still. You made me think.
    You seem happy and that makes me happy. And Zody's happy, too.

    1. Thank you for understanding all this. :) We are all very happy around here. Hugs to you Prairie Sister.

  2. i am so happy for you, retiring and claiming "artist" status!!
    so wonderful to know!!

    i know, from experience, that one *knows* when it is time to walk out,
    time to be grateful for the experience, time to move on into what fulfills one's soul.

    soulwork. that's where you are right now. and i love this.

    [yes....i read that book and i adore it!!]


    1. I know you've recently had a similar soul path. The transition/shift is a journey to......?. :)
      Each day is a precious pearl. :) Hugs to you too Pencilfox. :)

  3. i'm happy about your major shift! All will go up from now on!

  4. These new wings....they look good on you! Congrats on the decision to move on and follow your heart.

  5. Oh hi there, you look well and loving your career move good on you I love the painting 🎨 xx