Monday, October 10, 2016

The Roots Count

I thought this was a beautiful picture of God. Just a few days after the prairie fire...
When you're truly rooted in Christ, you simply rise from the ashes
You may feel like the fire will destroy you, but let it burn away the chaff.  
Don't fear, your roots are wrapped tight between the fingers of God. 
Discern your spiritual season. Instead of yelling at 'devils' 
you may need to be quiet and let God blow on the ashes…


  1. Ah yes, prairie sister...I will think about this today.
    Fire is necessary.
    I'm thinking of you...

  2. This is beautiful! I experiences something similar recently. We had so many plums this year on the trees that they were not able to handle them and lost all their leaves already in summer. And when the plums fell off in autumn, the trees started to get new tiny leaves and are even blooming now!

  3. Love these words. And isn't it strange that we read what we need....exactly when we need it?