Thursday, November 24, 2016

november ending

t h a n k f u l   f o r   t h i s   t i m e   a n d   p l a c e.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fruitful Trees

When I prophesied 2016 as a sweet and fruitful year over myself at the beginning of the
year I didn't realize I'd go through so much pruning.  What I mean is, circumstances
reduced me to my very roots which are grounded in faith.  My eyesight was threatened
for five months - mmm, need I say more?  Then I had to let go of my 11 year job. Cut away.
Then the joy of all my new dental work of crowns, turned into the thing of nightmares…
when that one tooth broke off.  I'm still in this one - it takes several months for bone graft
to grow around the implant stem.  I've not been able to eat or speak normally for a
while.  I'm still producing the fruit of patience on this one.

My heart's desire was to plant fruit trees this year, so I planted a fig in October and  
two apple trees this month.  Planting trees is a form of self-blessing - it's 
spiritual and physical.  I can already taste the sweet figs.    

Massaging roots of apple tree #1.
Adding a few rocks for roots on apple tree #2.

"Israel" the fig tree has already wiggled happy roots into its new home on the prairie.

Israel gives me signs of hope.
And last but not least, Zody sunning by the cactus garden.
How is your season?  I hope you are well and fruitful.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Balboa Park, San Diego

 I'm always happy to visit a great museum.  The San Diego Museum of Art was a charm!
 I enjoyed the works of Matisse, Munch, Magritte and many others. 
Heart-shaped seed in Balboa Park.
These are the final pictures of San Diego.  
The moments are now treasured in my heart. 
We only had two bad experiences, but laughable now,,,
A plane wouldn't pressurize and had to return to the OKC
airport 25 minutes into the flight.   The second, was horrific at the time.
We were eating dinner in an Italian restaurant and 'something' sharp got stuck 
in the back of my throat.  I thought it was a broken clam shell since I had seafood. 
 I will spare the details,,, but somehow, THANK GOD, a broken, half of bay leaf
finally came up as I was panicking in the bathroom.
Other than that, we had a perfect trip.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016