Sunday, November 6, 2016

Balboa Park, San Diego

 I'm always happy to visit a great museum.  The San Diego Museum of Art was a charm!
 I enjoyed the works of Matisse, Munch, Magritte and many others. 
Heart-shaped seed in Balboa Park.
These are the final pictures of San Diego.  
The moments are now treasured in my heart. 
We only had two bad experiences, but laughable now,,,
A plane wouldn't pressurize and had to return to the OKC
airport 25 minutes into the flight.   The second, was horrific at the time.
We were eating dinner in an Italian restaurant and 'something' sharp got stuck 
in the back of my throat.  I thought it was a broken clam shell since I had seafood. 
 I will spare the details,,, but somehow, THANK GOD, a broken, half of bay leaf
finally came up as I was panicking in the bathroom.
Other than that, we had a perfect trip.  


  1. Now that's scary! Glad you're ok and can laugh about it.

    1. Thank you, S&S. Glad it didn't turn out worse!

  2. Hahaha! I pictured you freaking out in the Ladies room!
    That's crazy, but mmm Italian!
    Balboa!! 'Nuff said. Except, that I love Balboa! (Childhood memories)
    Okay, if that flight trouble would have happened while I was onboard, well, I'll tell you what...I wouldn't have gotten back on another plane. Yep, I would have called greyhound. Or hitchiked. Or anything.
    Flying is my least favorite thing to do. Absolutely hate it. Chad has to give me an hour long pep talk to get me to fly anywhere. Panic city, man!
    I love that you always go to art museums when you travel. You are true artisto!!
    So, who stayed with Zody?

    1. I thought OMG we are going to have to call 911. I seriously thought a clam shell chard was stuck there! Horrific. BALBOA the beautiful and fun!!! :) Flying is not my favorite either - I prefer road trips. ;) A dear friend os mine Zodysits!!!!! I can't tell you how this blesses me and him, because the kennels are awful. xo!!