Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Pacific (San Diego)

These prairie folks sure enjoy the sea!!!


  1. Looks like hoofprints in the sand, too! (Of course I'd say that...)
    I'd say you were meant to be at the sea. Evokes a sense of cleansing, peace & renewal.
    You didn't buy one of those lobsters, did you!? (Just joking) But really, do you enjoy shellfish? With garlic butter? Yes please!
    A prairie sister out at sea. Should have brought your boat!
    Love you!

    1. We had a lot of great sea food (no lobster though :(.
      There is something amazing about the ocean and living near it - wish I was rich enough to divide my time between the prairie and the sea. lol

  2. interesting finds, the bits of pottery [?] and the patterns in the sand.
    so glad you prairie people enjoyed the seashore!!

  3. Great photos! The first one looks like a alien. I love the pieces of shells (?) in your hand. The colors are so delicate.