Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29

Goodbye February,,,, it was the warmest and sunniest I've ever experienced
 in Oklahoma.  This is usually one of our coldest months - but my bones got 
an early winter thaw, and my soul soaked all month long.  It was such a
 merciful gift in the midst of difficult situations this month….

Grateful to Him.

Edible Henbit - another February gift.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Roses aren't always red
Sometimes they're blue,,,

Crimson Rose with Fern Bracelet- $30
Rose Earrings - $12
Blue Rose Bracelet $25

All this month I've been creating these bracelets
for Valentines and now replenishing for
Mother's Day …

I sell my art and jewelry locally in the Medicine Park
Red Door Gallery and Lawton's Inspire Fine Arts Studio.
I have yet to make an ETSY Shop…  sigh. :)

If anyone is interested in purchasing please let me know.

I string each individual pearl/crystal together, 
blush each rose with color,,, 
and touch each fern with green renewal.   
All closures are adjustable in length 
so they will fit all the graceful lady wrists.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I am his and he is mine...

,,,and counting

 I love this heart lock with changeable numbers that Greg got me,,, :)

Yesterday I made a cheesy (and garlicky) pizza for Greg. 
I stuck with two small pieces - I don't dare rock the boat.

We had a lovely Valentines weekend.  My favorite movie
was Belle.  It was a beautiful time-period romance.

Wishing you love and more love…  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Golden February

Brilliant hopes, all woven in gorgeous tissues,
Flaunting gaily in the golden light;
Large desires, with most uncertain issues,
Tender wishes, blossoming at night.

February so far, has been filled with golden light.
Little pleasures like outdoor lunches and walks
around Prairie Hill have been sweet.  These big doses
of vitamin D have done wonders for my soul and health…

I had some moments of despair this week with my eyes -
Among other things, my eyes are super dry now, but I found some 
great homeopathic drops made with Belladonna that are helping.

Previous pains are forgotten as I live in these calm, good moments. 
I'm so happy that the sun is able to reach me through cloudless blue skies,
and turn my skin gold already in February.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

It is well with my soul....

Journal page 2/11
It’s so difficult to put into words what I’m going through right now.   I’m in a winter within a winter season if you know what I mean.  On one hand, the breaking is,,, well, breaking me (physical toll) ,,, on the other hand it’s also breaking ego, which is good.  Without being too cryptic and trying to wrap words around my experience,,,  just struggling with digestive issues for over two years and now vision problems since the end of November,,, well, it's just plain difficult.  I know other people are going through worse situations, but this is my pain, in my nerves, in my temple.  

So much has been yanked from me and I don’t like it.  I feel the breaking and if anything feels good about it, it’s the ego that’s shattering in the process.  I feel like a plain flower growing in the shade behind a rock these days.  Patience has never been my companion, but of late, she’s taken my hand and walking with me.  The ego sulks.  The dull flower thrives.

I’m handling these days with prayer and thanksgiving – I know my Savior is for me and loves me to the uttermost.   I have to remind myself to focus on the things I can do, touch, taste, handle and see.  I have to remind myself of all the gifts in my life,,, past, present and future.